Prison is also a series of tubes. - WonketteNobody could find Ted Stevens at the Capitol today because he kept disappearing whenever they caught a glimpse of him, but CNN's Dana Bash chased him down a stairwell or something and this is the hilarious transcript of the videotaped interview, which we'll try to find for you later. Or just watch CNN; they'll repeat it soon.

SEN. TED STEVENS (R), ALASKA: I put out a statement and I'm not saying anything to anybody beyond that statement.

BASH: Can you say, sir, why the federal agents went to your House or what they took?

STEVENS: Can you understand English? That's the only statement I'm going to make.

BASH: I do understand that sir, but obviously this is a very important issue, when federal agents and IRS agents come to the home of a U.S. senator.

STEVENS: I understand you're recording this, but I told you again I made the statement. It's issued, that's what my lawyers told me to say, and that's all I'm going to say.


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