Hadassah Lieberman: Helpmate, Advisor, Stereotype


Photo Credit: New York Times

If you're like us (underemployed and pantsless, that is), you've probably wondered how Sen. Joe Lieberman lost touch with the electorate in such a definitive manner. Is he really too moderate to survive in these polarized times? Or did he just suffer from bad advice? The Times sheds some light on matters:

Some of the senator's former advisers have said that his political problems have stemmed from an overreliance on loyalists who have the same world view as he. And perhaps nobody is a more loyal or more trusted adviser than Mrs. Lieberman.

Hey, taking advice from one's wife worked for Bill Clinton. But it might not be such a smart move when your wife isn't so much a policy wonk as she is Queen of the Harpies.

Mrs. Lieberman pushed her husband to finish a conversation with several reporters. First: "Joey, drink your water." A moment later, Mrs. Lieberman brought him half a tuna sandwich, which sat untouched for several minutes as Mr. Lieberman discussed the threat from Hezbollah. "Joey, eat your sandwich," she implored.

And I bet she stands by the front door with a rolling pin when Joe comes home late, too. The stereotype of the nagging Jewess is well and good, but who wants to vote for The Lockhorns? Plus, Lieberman's stance on cleaning one's plate is OUT OF TOUCH with what voters want. We demand leftovers, goddammit. Leftovers!

Lieberman's Closest Advisor [NYT]


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