Haha, CBO Says That Budget Deal Actually Increases Spending

Haha, CBO Says That Budget Deal Actually Increases Spending

John Boehner's tear-soaked budget deal was said to make $38 billion in cuts and SAVED US FROM SHUTDOWN (not that anyone in America who's not paid by the federal government cared), but it turns out, according to the Congressional Budget Office, that number's far off. This year, the CBO says those budget maneuverswill only amount to a $352 million cut in non-war spending. "But wait," you say, "America is in a bunch of wars right now! That must have an impact on spending!" You're right. When you include war funding, this budget increases spending by $3.3 billion in relation to current levels. Whoops! Time for that Teabagger insurrection!

Republicans promise that when fully implemented and repeated year after year, the cuts in the measure would reduce the deficit by $315 billion over the coming decade.

Yes, "fully implemented and repeated year after year." Not like politics could ever get in the way of that. Little publicity-garnering gimmicks like these are always kept around year after year.

The House and Senate still have to pass this thing, and members of Congress from both parties are yammering about not supporting it. After all, that shutdown seemed kind of fun. It was all so anticlimactic. And if they don't have this to argue about, it becomes pretty obvious they're not passing much of any legislation these days at all.

But is Obama secretly winning? According to the CBO, is winning all over your FACE, naysayers. [AP]


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