Haley Barbour Sticks Foot In Mouth By Declining To Be Racist Against Mexicans


Haley Barbour said on Fox News Sunday that there was nothing wrong with his lobbyist past. "I am perfectly glad to look at the clients that I worked with when I was there," he said. But there's a but:

Barbour may be eager to showcase his record, but one of Barbour's foreign lobbying clients could cause him some troubles in the 2012 Republican primary, if he decides to run. According to a State Department filing by Barbour's former lobbying firm, The Embassy of Mexico decided to retain Barbour's services on August 15, 2001, to work on, among other things, legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for foreigners living illegally in the United States—what opponents of immigration reform call “amnesty.”

Whoops! He's not allowed to do that if he wants to win the Republican nomination for president. He may get away with saying offensive stuff about white supremacy groups, but he definitely can't get away with not being racist against Mexicans. [Time]


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