One Month Later, Half of U.S. Forgets Iraq War, Wants New War (With Iran)


Oh, so the war in Afghanistan is supposed to end soon-ish, like next year, maybe? Sure, we've done a pretty good job leaving that country on the brink of yet another horrifying civil war, NEXT. It is now Iran's turn to be liberationed! Forty-nine percent of Americans, which for you statistically-minded folk means "probably at least one or even multiple people that you know," believes the United States should start a preemptive war with Iran despite otherwise appearing in possession of the requisite faculties to breathe, eat, take a shit and respond to basic questions from a pollster that should denote sentience. Kind of weird, right!? Also weird: Americans felt as recently as November of last year (by a two-to-one margin) that other famed preemptive war "the Iraq thing" was a really awful waste of human life, money, human life, human life, time, etc. But HELLO, it is February 2012 already, and the troops are home since December! Which means it is time to send them all back out again.

The Hill went out and asked registered voters, "Should the U.S. be willing to use military force to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons" and got this:

Forty-nine percent said military force should be used, while 31 percent said it should not and 20 percent were not sure.

Sixty-two percent of likely voters said they were somewhat or very concerned about Iran making a terrorist strike on the United States, while 37 percent said they were not very concerned or not at all concerned about it.

Oh neat, this is basically about the same percentage of people who supported invading Iraq in October 2002 over their special super secret mystery cache of nuclear weapons weapons of mass destruction. Which proves that about half of the United States is in favor of total constant war, forever. Ha ha, which also reminds us: your Wonkette would like to see a constitutional amendment barring any American from supporting a war against a country that that person cannot locate on a map (without the help of Google search, no cheating). ETERNAL WAR OVER, JUST LIKE THAT!

Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee member Michele Bachmann is trying to warn everyone that actually the problem is that Israel is being targeted by the U.S.:

“Any nation has to protect the safety and security of their people,” she said. “It is the nation of Israel that is being targeted by Iran, as well as the United States. We need to be vigilant. The Israelis need to be vigilant. And I think they’re taking prudent steps to keep their people safe.”

Or, it's just another one of her losing battles with English syntax. [The Hill/ Bloomberg]


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