Hamid Karzai Is Declared President—But Was He Even Born In America??


  • After very possibly receiving fewer votes than his opponent, Hamid Karzai has won the presidential election of Afghanistan! [New York Times]
  • Ford earned $1 billion in the third quarter and people are now thinking the company could be profitable by 2011. [Washington Post]
  • Yesterday some American guy—originally from Eritrea, but still totally counts—won the New York City Marathon, which is the first time that's happened since 1982. [CNN]
  • A suicide bomber killed 30-ish people outside a bank in Pakistan, most of whom used to have something or other to do with the military. [AP]
  • The New York Yankees baseball team has won another go-round in the baseball tournament, and look at this biased coverage from the New York Post. [New York Post]
  • Everyone who's anyone in the Arab world just despises Hillary Clinton. [Reuters]

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