Wow. You know that you've got a long climb back up to alpha-political dominance when even USA Today can make the words "Related Story" read like another count in an indictment:

DeLay is the center of an ethics swirl in Washington. The 11-term congressman was admonished last year by the House ethics committee on three separate issues and is the center of a political storm this year over lobbyists paying his and other lawmakers' tabs for expensive travel abroad. (Related story: Men with ties to lobbyist Abramoff nabbed in businessman's death)

Even we think that's a bit much. After all, DeLay has an airtight alibi for the night of that alleged Mob hit: He was home all evening, rolling giddily around in a palette of hundred dollar bills, spraying a churned-up bottle of champagne before a wall-size electoral district map of Texas, and shrieking "Now you are all mine, my pretties!"

DeLay Indicted for Conspiracy in Campaign Finance Probe [USA Today]


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