How could you fire that face! - WonkettePaul Wolfowitz's charming attempt to drag the entire World Bank down with him looks like it'll continue unabated well into May. Someone's performance review didn't go so well!

Although the board had expected to make a quick decision about Wolfowitz, it appeared yesterday that the process could continue for several days and perhaps into next week. "There isn't now any sense of a firm deadline," said a source close to one committee member, who agreed to discuss the deliberations on the condition of anonymity.

We could not be happier. Paul's lawyer, Bob Bennett, wasn't allowed to speak during the bank Board meeting, so he's more than making up for it to the press.

Bennett indicated that he is prepared to launch a major counteroffensive if the "rush to judgment" against Wolfowitz is not slowed down. "Let's open up all the deals for people at the bank, deals that members of the board have for their staff . . . if that's where they want to go," he said in an interview.

Ok, Bob! Whatever you want! Keep working on getting Paul that $400k in hush money, we're loving every minute of it. After they pay him off and release the report saying he did nothing wrong you should try to get him named Executive Director of UNICEF or something, have him put his brother-in-law, favorite cab driver, and drug dealer on the payroll, and repeat the whole process again. It'll keep us occupied until the primaries start, at the least.

Wolfowitz Says He Is Target of 'Smear' Tactics [WP]


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