Hank 'n' Dick: Are You Flying With Me, Jesus?

What do you get when you mix pro-lifer Rep. Henry Hyde with chief CBS memo investigator and former US Attorney General Dick Thornburgh? (No seriously, what?)

I was on the 10AM flight from O'Hare to DCA when I noticed Henry Hyde in the waiting area. A couple minutes later Dick Thornburgh ( it was total coincidence that they were on the same plane. Thornburgh was in 1st, Hyde in coach) strolled up, shook his hand and congratulated him on his ambassadorship. Hyde said 'I thought that was still just a rumor', and they both laughed. Thornburgh said it 'will' be a terrific cap to his prestigious career blah blah blah, and Hyde thanked him, doing nothing to dispel the rumors. I can only assume this has to do with the recent Vatican ambassador rumor I heard.

For what it's worth, Hyde ended up in the bathroom when we hit a bunch of turbulence. I almost died laughing at the concept of him peeing all over himself. Maybe I'm easily amused.

Oh, we are too. But it's okay, the Pope is totally down with autoerotic watersports.

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