Hank Paulson Already a Failure

Hank Paulson was brought in as Treasury Secretary to signal Bush's willingness, in the tail end of his second term, to work with leaders from both sides of the aisle, and also because Bush does not actually give a shit about the Trearusry Department. Paulson, a shining star in the private sector, has received positive reviews from Washington pols, though he's also accomplished jack shit.

Since then, hope for Paulson's top priority -- saving federal health and retirement programs from insolvency -- has faded, and progress on other fronts, such as trade and relations with China, has come harder and proven less dramatic than he had hoped.

Once he fails to achieve anything with trade relations with China, he plans to refocus on making his signature bigger on dollar bills. Then he'll maybe rearrange his office.

Lowered Expectations [WP]


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