I'm here under the orders of the president of Earth, I'm looking for Durand-Durand. About 40 years ago, a very young and super hot Jane Fonda protested the American war against Vietnam by visiting Hanoi and posing for pictures with the North Vietnamese military. (She also visited American prisoners of war imprisoned in Hanoi, but nobody really talks about that because it wasn't treason.) Guess who else was in Hanoi at the time but refused to meet with Fonda's anti-war group? Navy pilot John McCain, who was killing North Vietnamese villagers with bombs in 1967 when he was shot down by a missile. Now guess how many billion dollars Hillary must've paid Jane Fonda to endorse Barack Obama?

Wingnut bloggers who were 2 years old when Fonda was in Hanoi are now furious at Barack Obama because somebody with a video camera asked her, outside a restaurant the other night, who she was voting for, and she said "Obama." (Jesus, is that what it's really like to be an old person who used to be in movies? These idiot celebrity photographers stand outside the restaurant and yell idiot questions at you? No wonder Obama nearly killed that jackass yesterday in Philadelphia.)

Anyway, now John McCain will spend the next eight months pretending he's really running against Ted Turner's old ex-wife, and the "poor dumb redneck" part of the Republican Party will turn out in droves to vote for liberal Mexican traitor John McCain.

Fun fact: John McCain made a traitorous "confession" to the North Vietnamese in 1968, but we do not hold it against him because he was tortured.

Jane Fonda endorses Barack Obama; there goes his crossover vote [LAT Top of the Ticket]


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