Happy Anniversary, Liberated Baghdad!

Smashing shit -- for freedom! - WonketteIt was four short years ago that American troops freed the beautiful city of Baghdad from years of tyranny. On this day in 2003, a Bluto-esque motorcycle enthusiast impulsively grabbed a sledgehammer and single-handedly took down a nearby statue of Saddam Hussein, with help from a convenient American tank and winch, and with photographers and TV crews coincidentally set up to record the moment.

Now, though, the ungrateful bastard just wants to complain.

Oh, there's no "security." Boo hoo, he only gets four hours of electricity a day. Waaah, seven friends and family members are dead, whine whine whine.

If that's the kinda thanks we get, next time we won't even bother to liberate you. Enjoy your "security and order," jerk.

4 Years After Hussein's Fall, Regret in Iraq [WP]


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