Happy Birthday, Joshua Marshall (And His Little Dog)

simon.sharp.jpgEveryone's favorite nerdy poli-blogger and proud Princeton graduate, Joshua Micah Marshall, celebrates a birthday today! He's 12 or something. Mr. Marshall's interests include health care policy, smoking cigars, and dressing up his tiny dog. Seriously. Apparently, Mr. Marshall is an internet geek version of Paris Hilton. What. The. Fuck. Joshua?

We admit that sometimes we have fantasized about dressing up Mr. Marshall in little sailor outfits and spanking him while we talk Social Security privatization. These fantasies are now absolutely destroyed. (Also, we're certain this is the dog that barks incessantly while his basement captives in the cistern lotion themselves up to be made into his woman-suit. Does his wife know about this?)

With any luck... [Talking Points Memo]

Joshua Marshall, Proprietor of a Blogger Website [Wonkette]


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