Even though he was just a famous celebrity who never did anything but smoke dope and try to kill Sarah Conner, Arnold Schwarzenegger overcame his popularity and racial background to become California's favorite governor! Let's celebrate his life and art, today, on his birthday.

Arnold was born on this day in 1947, right after the Americans defeated his people, the Nazis. Instead of "holding a grudge," he decided to become a famous muscleman, move to the USA, marry a Kennedy, become a movie star, and eventually become president. He is almost there!

Schwarzenegger even had a hit techno song in the '80s, called "Safety Dance."

Here's "Arnie" accepting the Oscar(TM) for Batman Begins.

You know what's funny? Prank calling your dad, Mitt Romney, and putting your voice through an Arnold voice filter thing. Look how much Mitt enjoys this! Guess who rode home in a shit-covered roof-cage that day?

This one's incredible: It's a birthday party for teevee's The Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, in the '70s. Arnold is just cold smokin' weed and singing.

This is the greatest scene from the greatest movie ever made. Ois Guade zu Deim Geburdstog, Arnold!

(Thanks to Total Fark for the birthday reminder!)


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