Happy Birthday, Victoria Jackson, From Your BFF's At Your Wonket!

Happy Birthday, Victoria Jackson, From Your BFF's At Your Wonket!

Happy Birthday wishes to beloved Wonkette Content Generator Victoria Jackson! She continues to fight the weird fight, even though she daily risks beingforced by the UN to ride a bike or getting edited by Fox News into even greater incoherence. After the jump, some birthday highlights!

Here is Ms. Jackson singing what appears to be a sincere song of protest about the communist living in the White House... or is it??? This song informs us that Barack Obama directly quoted the Communist Manifesto when he had his little chat with Joe the Plumber:

One of the few times we got a chuckle out of Jackson's cute airhead schtick on SNL was the time where her entire "Weekend Update" reporting segment involved her carefully enunciating tricky Spanish things like "Managua, Nicaragua" and "the Contras." It was a one-joke premise, but she pulled it off pretty well. And then there was this thing, which is just about the only evidence that her entire career, including her current incarnation as a tea-partying hyperconservative, is actually a deep-cover Andy Kaufmanesque performance:

Yeah, we don't know, either. But Happy 54th, Victoria Jackson, whoever you are.

[YouTube / Thanks to alert tipster "Biff"!]

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