Happy 'BP Destroyed the Gulf of Mexico Forever' Day!
  • Good morning, dead baby dolphins! It's hard to believe that today marks the first anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico being poisoned forever. Does anyone even remember what the Gulf was like before murdered sea creatures started washing up on the beaches? Or what little children used to play with and get cancer from before there were "tar balls"? (Find out the answers to these important questions on the next episode of "Modern Marvels: The Tar Ball"!) One thing that hasn't changed at all since last year is that our country's awful politicians are still spewing the same, tired bullshit -- DRILL, DEAD BABY DOLPHIN, DRILL -- even though the price of oil has absolutely nothing to do with (alleged) production shortages. MoJo has an excellent piece on why you should still be angry ("join Facebook groups") about Tony Hayward getting his life back. Now go forth and smoke your marijuana cigarettes, etc. [No link in honor of Hitler's birthday]
  • Meanwhile, in Texas: Biblical fires have scorched one million acres. [CNN]

  • "McDonald's Restaurants Overwhelmed By Job Seekers." [Sacramento Bee]


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