Happy Earth Day, Hippies!

  • Holy crap the CFO of Freddie Mac is dead, apparently of a suicide. [Fox News]
  • Great Britain's top tax rate will rise to 50 percent, if Chancellor Alistair Darling's budget proposal goes through. [BBC News]
  • Police believe the accused "Craigslist Killer" was the world's most violent fundraiser, robbing and killing women in order to get money to pay off gambling debts at Foxwoods. [ABC News]
  • One BILLION people are expected to celebrate Earth Day today, by parading around with puppets or maybe just by taking the bus to work. [CNN]
  • The men hastily arrested after a British security official was photographed holding documents related to their case were freed on the grounds of insufficient evidence. [Reuters]
  • A "perfect storm of ignorance and enthusiasm" led top Bush administration officials to approve torture tactics without knowing their gruesome historical origins. [New York Times]

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