Happy Fourth Birthday, Iraq War!

It's your birthday! - WonketteGuess who's almost old enough to be blown up at an Iraqi kindergarten? That's right, it's our little Iraq War -- he's turning four years old this Monday! But we're going to have the party on Saturday, in a bunker, in hopes that the insurgents and militias and death squads and American media won't notice.

These four years have raced by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday when our Iraq War was just a newborn and the Marines were faking that whole "Iraqis cheer as U.S. troops show their total disrespect by draping an American flag over the Saddam statue" photo op. It's hard to believe that millions of people have already been blown up, tortured, executed, maimed or chased to another country when our little Iraq War is still in diapers.

Yes, most kids are long out of diapers by the time they're four, but our little tiger still has "accidents" when the car bombs go off every single goddamned day. Pretty much all of us over here in Iraq are in diapers for the same reason ... those of us who haven't been blown up yet, anyway.

March 17 March on Pentagon Gathering Points and Other Events [DC IndyMedia]


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