'Happy' Friday, World

  • House Republicans congratulated themselves on their united opposition to the stimulus bill, which still passed overwhelmingly. [Washington Post]
  • Shimon Peres and the prime minister of Turkey had a very public dispute onstage during the World Economic Forum, but don't worry, Israel is not going to bomb Turkey. (Yet!) [AP]
  • Gross domestic product figures for Q4 come out soon; expect them to be horribly depressing. [USA Today]
  • Republicans elect their national democratic chair today. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Wall Street executives are coming under heavy fire for continuing to collect bonuses even though they lost hundreds of billions of dollars on behalf of their employers last year. [Bloomberg]
  • Stressed-out soldiers are commiting suicide at unprecedented rates. Many experts suspect that interminable overseas deployments have not helped. [Los Angeles Times]

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