Happy Good Friday! U.S. Attack On Iran Just One Day Away

Hold me ... - WonketteWe saw this story on Sunday and blew it off -- those wacky Associated Press and Jerusalem Post reporters and their April Fools jokes! -- but might as well post it now: The U.S. will start bombing Iran on Friday, "from 4 a.m. until 4 p.m. on April 6." Hooray!

This comes from Russian military officials talking to Russian journalists. Russia has spies everywhere, especially in Washington, and they've completely infiltrated the Pentagon, State Department and White House. They're leaking the attack plans to try to shame Cheney into not starting World War III, which is kind of quaint when you think about it -- Oh, poor Dick Cheney is ashamed of something.

The British sailors have been freed, probably thanks to a firm phone call from Putin, so there's one less made-up bullshit reason for the attack. But if it's already planned and everything, seems sad to just forget the whole deal, right? We bet Laura even baked a cake.

'US ready to strike Iran on Good Friday' [Jerusalem Post]


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