Happy Halloween! Here, Enjoy Some Good Old Fashioned Satanic Panic


It sure is Halloween, and as a special treat for you all, I've got probably the weirdest 1980s fundie variety show of all time, which is you ask me is really saying something. It features Mike Warnke, a Christian "comedian" who claimed to have been a Satanic High Priest for what I believe was about three months (apparently you move up very fast in that industry) as well as some really great outfits, terrible acting and a very confusing "sitcom" interspersed throughout.

Fire by Nite 8807 Satanism Unmasked Part 1 Mike Warnke www.youtube.com

Part 2 of this Very Special Episode includes a brief interview with Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor and author of "Satan's Underground" Lauren Stratford, aka Holocaust survivor Laura Grabowski, aka pathological fabulist Laurel Rose Wilson.

Fire by Nite 8808 Satanism Unmasked Part 2 Lauren Stratford www.youtube.com

Curiously, both Mike Warnke and Lauren Stratford, along with many others with obviously made up stories about Satanism were exposed by the Jesus People USA magazine Cornerstone. Alas, JPUSA ended up being pretty messed up their own damn selves, with multiple sexual abuse complaints coming out about the Chicago-based commune in 2014.

Anyway! This will serve as your open thread for now! I am unable to do the livestream today for personal reasons, I'm not sure if it's going to happen but I will tell Stephen to update here if it does.

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