The Iraq Study Group briefs the administrationPresident Bush got his hard copy of the Iraq Study Group report at 7 a.m., and we, the people, get to see it ourselves at 11.

CNN will provide LIVE STUDY GROUP COVERAGE throughout the day, unless some actual news accidentally breaks today (anything Hillary Clinton does won't count).

As we already fucking know, the Baker/Hamilton group very purposefully left out calls for "timetable," though they did politely ask that we play nice with Syria and Iran.

The President has also already announced his intention to ignore the bits of the report he doesn't like, which the Study Group has known would happen since they convened, so it's really a very exciting day here in Washington.

Baker and Hamilton will appear tonight on Larry King Live, where they will discuss Kathy Griffin's inability to find a man. Or something.

Flashback:Everyone Stop Panicking! We've Got a Study Group!


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