Happy July 4, American Communists! Enjoy This Terrifying Movie


Ever since Thomas Jefferson blotted out "Supreme Soviet Koran" in the Declaration of Independence and used "Our Queen's Loyal Subjects" instead, communistic-socialism has been the defining element of America. Usually, it's the fear of communism more than the actual thing itself, as whatever modern global socialist benefits occasionally added to America (Social Security, Medicare, government-funded K-12 education, etc.) is generally welcomed by this nation's wretched people.

But what in the living hell is this?

It's a special holiday movie, for patriotism, suggested by Wonkette operative "Jim N." Get a couple of cases of beers and gather the kids around the YouTube. When it's all over, you'll be gathering the fireworks to aim at the COMMIES, who are coming, as surely as Jesus. Just gotta be patient .... [Google Video]


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