Cinco de Mayo, burnout Ohio ... - WonketteAre you feeling extra hippieish today, hippies? Maybe a little more communal, communists? That's because it's May Day, one of the main drunken pagan holidays of the first week of May. In fact, today used to be America's Labor Day, until right-wing bloggers of the Soviet era found out it was actually a commie holiday built around the commie traditions of a) abortion and b) colorful paper streamers.

The other main drunken pagan holiday of early May is the Fifth of May, or Cinco de Mayo, when we celebrate yet another French military defeat ... at the hands of the Mexicans.

Speaking of Mexicans, it appears we have some sort of immigration situation here in the Estados Unidos de América . And that means everybody's taking it to the streets! From your West Coast Bureau Chief's neighborhood to Arlington, the people who wash your dishes, clean your filthy condos, take care of your kids all day and, um, kill by night are pretty steamed about Tom Tancredo and his trusty sidekick Jesse Malkin wanting to deport anybody who hasn't paid next year's Klan dues in advance.

Mass Protests of Workers in America Begin [Javno]

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May Day protests attract millions [Daily Telegraph]


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