Happy Pearl Harbor Day! Feel Free to Detain a Japanese Family!

Ben Affleck, patriot. - WonketteOn this day, 64 65 years ago, America lost its innocence, and a bunch of ships.

The "World Wide Web" is full of touching tributes to this historic day. Here's one from Riehl World View. It's about how we don't deserve to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day because our country sucks now and is run by Al Gore.

America was frightened of nothing when she began, not because she was brave, but because she was afraid of everything, being a mere niche on a coastline in a once distant and still foreboding land.

Truer words were never spoken, patriot!

More Pearl Harbor fun below decks!

The New York Times is celebrating with an unprecedented seven .pdf files that we won't open or read. Also, they ask their readers,

Do you remember Pearl Harbor? How confident are you that we will never forget the attacks of 9/11?

This is Times code for "fuck 9/11, Pearl Harbor was HARD CORE, DAMMMMMN."

And despite the Times' typical anti-American bias, it's true! Pearl Harbor was hardcore! It wasn't mundane passenger jets with corporate logos flying into bland modernist towers, it was goddam Rising Sun-emblazoned Zeroes bombing planes with jagged shark teeth painted on their noses! And some of our ships looked like this!

Pear Harbor Day -- Never Forget THE AWESOME.

Now get drunk and watch Tora! Tora! Tora!

We Have No Claim to Pearl Harbor [Riehl World View]

Pearl Harbor Revisited [NYT]


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