Happy Pentagon Day!

Will it float? Will it float? - WonketteAs we do every January 15, today we solemnly commemorate the completion of the world's most awful structure, The Pentagon.

It was on this day in Nineteen Hundred and Forty Three that the Masonic Magickal Monument was finished. Learn all about the very first demonic office building, after the jump.

* 3.7 million square feet are used for offices.

* Construction began on ... September 11, 1941.

* That was exactly 60 years before something else happened at the Pentagon.

* Or did it?

* Exactly three months after construction began, World War II conveniently broke out and provided a purpose for the ugly-ass building.

* The snack bar in the central courtyard is called "Ground Zero Cafe."

* That same huge 5-acre courtyard is the largest open area on Earth where military people don't have to salute each other, because otherwise nobody would ever get a chance to eat their lunch.

* On October 21, 1967, some 70,000 people showed up at the Pentagon and made it levitate because of the Vietnam War being a bad thing.

* The bizarre shape was allegedly the result of existing road angles at the building site ... but the Pentagon wasn't built at that site.

* It only costs $50 million to construct, which is what Washington currently spends in Iraq every four hours.

* Totally evil:

The Pentagon [Rotten.com]


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