Happy Pre-Independence Day!

  • Profound economy-related insight: continued widespread unemployment is bad because "people without jobs tend not to spend much money." [Washington Post]
  • Iran plans to try some local British embassy staff for fomenting unrest. Thank goodness the US doesn't have any embassies in Iran! [New York Times]
  • The thug who replaced the other thug in Honduras said he'd be willing to hold elections soon, so as to appear less thuggish. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Senators are hard at work trying to figure out how to make future health care reform most closely resemble our current situation, so as to "control costs." [Wall Street Journal]
  • A rare copy of the Declaration of Independence turned up in the British National Archives, answering definitively the question of whether the British had ever "gotten the memo." [AP]
  • Sorry your bazillion-dollar new iPhone 3GS turns into a slab of molten lava when you try to use Wi-Fi during phone calls! CNET]

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