Happy Saturday! Let's Watch Elizabeth Warren Talk, Because That's Always A Good Time


Good morning, Wonkers!

You may be wondering... where are my top ten articles this morning? Well, those are gonna be a little late today because someone needs to tell me what they are so that I can do the post! BUT FEAR NOT, we do have some content for you! Good, quality content! Twenty whole minutes of Elizabeth Warren, the next President of The United States if I have anything to say about it, speaking to Rainbow Push and being awesome about it. Yay!

Elizabeth Warren Delivers Passionate Sermon at Rainbow PUSH Event | NowThis youtu.be

The speech is mostly religious in nature, so it's not exactly something I understand, but I'm glad that she can speak this language and relate to people in that way, because I want her to be President and the rest of America is probably still not quite "ready" for a president who doesn't talk about Jesus a whole lot. What I get from this, however, on a secular level, is that Warren really enjoys helping people understand things and also does not like slacking off, even when someone tells her "It's cool, you can slack off." Those are some nice qualities in a future president!

Anyway! Enjoy this and I will be right back with your top ten! Yay!

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Robyn Pennacchia

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