Happy Socialist Census Day: Did You Get a Census Form?


We have got to get all the hobbits on the Ron Paul blimp and escape this FEMA camp!!!1!We heard on the radio that today was National Census Celebration Day, in celebration of the Census, which is happening now, as Wolf Blitzer might say, if he knew anything about what was happening. And then, on the radio, there were all these people calling in from Brooklyn and Queens and wherever saying, "Oh noes, I did not get a census form, I called and they told me to die," etc., really Heart-Breaking, and then we realized that the census forms never showed up at our homes/offices here in Wonkette-World, so why are they trying to jape us?

And we just got this in the Tips email, from "loganboy," via email:

help. what do i do with my extra census form?

To: tips@wonkette.com


I got two in the mail. about two weeks apart. do they want to count me twice? also i live in the district and could use this to increase the number of persons not-represented in the senate. does that mitigate the unethicalism? also i'm scared by the threats that they'll hound me to complete the form. and after all, its just an estimate right? or do they send black helicopters?



Man what in the HELL? This guy's got two? We've got none. Apparently whole neighborhoods of public radio listeners didn't get a form, and you can't even download one off the Internet, so why the CONSPIRACY is what we mean?

Is this just a setup so that when the nation's new workforce (temporary census walkers) come knocking at the door at 2 a.m. and we're all freaked out and grab the gun and BLAM! and that's when Nobama puts us in the FEMA camps?

HAVE YOUR SAY and honestly, tell us why Wonkette and Wonkette readers are either getting Too Many Census Forms or No Census Forms At All. This whole thing is both a threat to Eric Cantor and, frankly, a disgusting attack on Trig.


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