Happy St. Paddy's Day, Don't Go to Jail

Happy St. Paddy's Day, Don't Go to Jail

If you are currently sloppy drunk from kegs and eggs and planning on driving over to America's Puke Fountain forWonkette's photo contest, here's a tip: don't. Embittered police, who don't "have a problem with people celebrating their Irish heritage," are really proving it by setting up drunk driving checkpoints all over creation. But don't put down the beer just yet! SoberRide is providing free cabs for anyone that wants one, till 4AM tonight.

Just call 1-800-200-TAXI, and SoberRide will dispatch a taxi to take you pretty much anywhere in the metro area (as long as it's a home or hotel). The fare is covered by SoberRide, up to $50. The program, funded by literal fairy godmothers at the Washington Regional Alcohol Program, operates on other booze-centric holidays as well, so commit that number to memory. Now drink up, little leprechauns, tip your driver, and try not to barf in the cab.


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