Happy Trent Lott Appreciation Day!

Famous racist Trent Lott is, more or less, a god. He may not be a senator anymore, and he may not like black people -- I mean, HE REALLY HATES THEM! -- but he definitely was, you know, a legislator for many years. To honor his legacy, various county chambers of commerce in Mississippi are honoring him today with "Trent Lott Appreciation Day." Hooray!

The fete kicks off today at 3 p.m., when "a private party will be held hosted by the Republican Women of Jackson County." Yowza yowza! No point in even puttin' on them pantaloons, Trenters.

At 6 p.m., more shit will happen! Specifically, the "Jackson County and Ocean Springs chambers of commerce hold the Trent Lott Appreciation Day at the B.E. 'Mac' McGinty Civic Center. About 1,500 tickets at $10 each were sold for the civic center event." WONKETTE NEEDS AN OPERATIVE! SOMEONE, ANYONE?

Because, as this Mississippi newspaper thing notes, "Today's honors may not be as fancy as receptions held in Washington, D.C., but it is very likely Lott is among more friends here." That would somehow be a fact, yes.

Well-deserved honor for Lott [Mississippi Press]


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