Happy Watermelon Month, Senators!

Even George 'Macaca' Allen likes a watermelon! - WonketteOnly 14% of you ungrateful Americans appreciate the hard work of Our U.S. Congress, yet the Senate continues to do the hard work that makes this country so stupid.

For example, with nothing really serious going on this summer as far as war and impeachment and everybody being poisoned by the Red Chinese Communists, Georgia Republicans Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson have boldly introduced Senate Resolution 262, "designating July 2007 as National Watermelon Month."

Chambliss encouraged Americans to "stock up on Georgia watermelon and use them as missiles against any member of Congress or the Bush Administration," noting that the heavy melons "could conceivably knock a bitch out."

Chambliss-Isakson sponsor measure designating July as National Watermelon Month [The Weekly]


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