Hard Times In Oklahoma

  • Seven suicide bombers stormed two Afghan government buildings in Kabul, killing 11 victims. (Or maybe 19.) [UPI]
  • Optimistic Democratic lawmakers say they might have a final version of the stimulus bill by today. [CNN]
  • In an obvious sop to geriatric viewers, a relatively ancient old spaniel won the Westminster dog show. [ABC News]
  • Investors are funneling all their moneys into extremely safe bets, like currencies, after Tim Geithner's alarming press conference yesterday. [MarketWatch]
  • Tornadoes touched down overnight in Oklahoma. Eight people have been killed. On the bright side, a Chuck E. Cheese got mangled beyond recognition. [AP]
  • No word yet on who won the election in Israel -- looks like it'll be a nail-biter. [New York Times]

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