Harold Ford Junior Will Only Do Candidate Things When He Is A Candidate Again


Harold Ford Junior is being awful again, this time on the website Blogspot.com, a popular day-trading lunch diner. He isupset that Kirsten Gillibrand will not release her tax returns, only because Kirsten Gillibrand demanded he release his tax returns, which are terrifying and not in the State of New York. Harold's Logic: Maybe if I ever run for office in New York then I will, you evil tobacco lady from Poopland.

Where are the tax returns from New York's unelected Senator from when she worked as a tobacco lawyer?

Did she file and pay her taxes while making big bucks as the cigarette industry's lawyer?

No one knows. The unelected Senator, who shows great hypocrisy on taxes, wants me to release my tax returns, but she won't release hers. I will gladly release my returns when I run for or serve in office again. That's what honest politicians do.

Ha ha ha. But you are running for office, Harold! That's why she's asking you! You may not know it, but that's what you're doing: running for office.

And you've got to love the hilarious "when I run for or serve in office again." Golly, can anyone imagine what Harold Ford's excuse for delaying the release of his tax returns will be when he officially declares his candidacy, through the election?

As for Kirsten Gillibrand, who cares if she was a lawyer for Big Tobacco? What a '90s thing, "Big Tobacco." This was a big thing in the 1990s, when our greatest problem as a nation was how to stop the kids from smoking cigarettes. Big Tobacco was our greatest lobbying fear. We cared so much about the sway cigarette companies had over the government. Let's return to those days, what with the jobs and disposable income and smaller Internet!

Ford: Tobacco and Taxes [Harold Ford Junior via Gawker]


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