Harold Ford Will Save New York, A Place He Has Lived For Three (3) Years!


Ugh, Harold Ford Jr. Remember this guy? Lost his senate bid in Tennessee because of the terrible racist ad that suggested he spent all his free time cavorting nude with loose white women, and then became head of the DLC, at which point everybody realized it was maybe not so bad he had not become a senator? And now he just goes on the cable news sometimes and affably mumbles whatever crap is required to get to the next commercial break? He is thinking about running for the Senate again -- this time from the state where all ambitious politicians move and run for senator!

Ford is considering a run in New York, against Kirsten Gillibrand, because why not. Gillibrand currently has the fundraising advantage, but Michael Bloomberg doesn't like her and Ford has many wealthy friends. However on the minus side, Ford does not support gay marriage. This may put him at a disadvantage in New York City, which is 98% homosexual.

Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand [New York Times]


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