Harriet, Meet Judd. Judd, Harriet.

Three things you urgently need to know about Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH): He buys gas for his car, he loves bear claws, and he has a gambling problem. A monumentally less pressing fact about him is that he's just won $853,492 in D.C. Powerball, because to judge by Slate's Henry Blodget, that sum and a Bush tax cut won't even get you an advanced warning not to ride the subway.

The most remarkable fact that emerges from [Harriet Miers's] filings is this: She managed to work for nearly 30 years as an attorney in private practice without getting rich... [she] finds herself at age 60 with a net worth of about $675,000, which unfortunately does not make her wealthy.

Sorry, I know I'm just a provincial boy from Queens, but $675,000 doesn't sound quite so desperate a net worth, either. And I wonder what Harriet's low-rent properties are going to go for now that she's been declared cronyus maximus and a constitutional fuckwit on both sides of the aisle. She may not be on nodding terms with the Bill of Rights, but thanks to those conveniently tardy lien payments on vacant lots in Dallas, Harriet's just nabbed herself the most high-profile listing agent there is: the national media.

What's the old saying? The underqualified Supreme Court nominee who represents a wide swath of the comfortable middle-class -- still had a fool for a client.

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