Harriet Miers to Return to Prime Time

Fantastic news for all fans of awkward testimony: Harriet Miers is heading to congress to answer questions about her role in the US Attorneys scandal!

John Conyers' House committee snagged Harriet for sure-to-be hilarious testimony, while Pat Leahy's Senate is stuck with the less exciting Sara Taylor.

Harriet Miers, as we all remember, is known primarily for being hilariously dumb. This Taylor lady, though, seems to write good bitchy email.

The subpoenas come a day after newly-released Justice Department documents revealed that Taylor was closely involved in the firings. In a Feb. 16 e-mail, Taylor described a U.S. attorney in Arkansas who was fired last year as ''lazy'' -- ''which is why we got rid of him in the first place,'' according to the documents.

The Congressional investigations will continue on and on forever until President Fred Thompson pardons Alberto Gonzales.

Miers Will Be Subpoenaed, Officials Say [NYT]


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