Harriet Miers:"Your Friends Have Failed!"

Image-2Yesterday, we asked you to cast your vote in the Harriet Miers's Look-a-Like Contest (polls close at noon!), and we indicated a willingness to accept write in vote. There have been, er, more than expected, with Emperor Palpatine leading the insurgency. Other possibilities:

Iggy Pop

Dana Carvey's Church Lady

Florence Henderson

The elder Mrs. Bush

Tracy Ullman

Chris Kattan

Swoosie Kurtz

Tommy Franks

Estelle Getty


The Joker

Zell Miller

We'll consider doing a run-off between the poll winner and Palpatine if the Emperor's surge continues, though we will refrain from commenting on the aptness of the write-ins otherwise. Except to say that they are all just as qualified to actually serve as Miers is.

Come to think of it, Palpatine and Scalia would make a great team.

Harriet Miers Gets Polled [Wonkette]

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