Harris Item Fails to Meet Our High Standards, 'Hill' to Blame

Someone forwarded us this Hill column about Katherine Harris (we have the grassroots equivalent of Google News alerts for her). Frankly, as far as Harris items go, it doesn't quite meet the standard she's set for herself. As an opportunity to trash The Hill, though, it's beautiful. Because the lovely and talented Betsy Rothstein is either purposefully misrepresenting shit or she's just kinda dumb.

You want details? We got details.


Three of her former chiefs of staff were attacked in a Palm Beach Post blog last week: media consultant Adam Goodman and lobbyists Dan Berger, senior vice president of Government Affairs at the National Association of Federal Credit Unions, and Benjamin McKay, senior vice president for federal government relations at the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America.

In one entry a reader states that "Harris is to blame for not having her A-team on board helping her." Another entry asks for the Post to question Harris's ex-staffers and see if they will endorse her Senate candidacy.

Still, another entry refers to the three aides as "A-holes that got Harris elected in the first place and kept getting her elected and reelected to bigger and more important positions."

Yeah, here's the thing: The Palm Beach Post blog (URL woulda been helpful, guys; we thankfully have it bookmarked) is written by the professional political reporters of that paper, who are, we're pretty sure, not allowed to say "a-hole." Because the quoted items -- all the quoted items -- come from "comments," which are the pointless, unread ramblings of idiot readers. More or less.

People writing about blogs fail to make this distinction (entries vs. comments) with depressing regularity. While it can sometimes be chalked up to the double-meaning of the term "post" or something equally harmless, Rothstein's use of "entries" pushes this from "old guy writing about internet" territory to "series of tubes"-level idiocy.

Unless she is, of course, purposefully misrepresenting the Post to fill out her column. Kind of like "lying," but it's The Hill, so no one will notice.

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