Harry & Hillary Loan Top Goons to Lamont Campaign

'I'm gonna stick this finger straight up Lieberman's ... next question!' - WonketteDespite the careful comments in public -- who wants to find an axe-wielding Joe Lieberman banging on the door in the middle of the night? -- it seems Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton are loaning some big guns to Ned Lamont's brave attempt to rid U.S. politics of Vinegar Joe.

Reports the Kos:

Stephanie Cutter, a key member of Reid's vaunted war room, has been in Connecticut for the last week and plans on helping out through November. She worked as Deputy Communications Director in the Clinton White House, communications director at the DNC in 2003, and communications director for John Kerry (after the late-2003 staff purge which revived his primary campaign).

And, earlier today:

Hillary Clinton and her senior advisor and spokesperson Howard Wolfson met with Ned Lamont and his campaign manager Tom Swan .... Howard Wolfson will be joining Team Ned.

Hillary offers Lamont more than words [Daily Kos]

Top Reid consultant also working for Lamont [Daily Kos]


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