Harry 'Orval Faubus' Reid Doesn't Let Black Person Into Senate


A black person named Roland Burris -- who carries the weight of an entire oppressed race on his shoulders -- went to the Capitol today to be sworn into the Senate, just as Rod Blagojevich asked him to. He had his papers all lined up, a sharp suit, a positive frame of mind. It was to be a new day for America's African-Americans, this day was. But then racist old Harry Reid told the Capitol guards that he didn't want some colored walkin' on his shiny marble floors unless he had a mop in his hands. Old Roland has seen this all too many times, over the years. It's been his life. But it's the life he's chosen, you see! Hope for America's blacks will have to endure yet another sunset, and Burris, yet another sunrise. [MSNBC]


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