Harry Reid Has No Discernible Negro Dialect

  • Republican leaders are demanding that Harry Reid step down as Senate majority leader following revelations that he made the unconscionable mistake of saying something racist-sounding to Mark Halperin, who simply cannot keep a secret. (Trent Lott did this exact same thing a few years back, and now he works in a uranium mine in Colombia.) [Los Angeles Times]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will thrill stadiums full of Japanese schoolgirls in knee-high stockings on her highly anticipated Asia-Pacific Tour. [Voice of America]
  • Yesterday, subway riders across the globe participated in No Pants Day, which is what it sounds like. [BBC News, New York Times]
  • The Senate is rapidly ridding itself of oldsters as more and more senior Democrats are encouraged to "take a walk in the corn." [USA Today]
  • The trial of California's infamous Proposition 8 begins today. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • China, no longer content simply to fund the American housing bubble, has bought itself its very own housing bubble at $380 a square foot with scenic views of a Dumpster. [Washington Post]

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