Harry Reid Cage Fights Sharron Angle, Talks About Colons

  • Did you take the Metro to Las Vegas last night, to watch Harry Reid and Sharron Angle fight naked in a kiddie pool full of mud? This is actually not far from the truth, metaphorically speaking, because Sharron Angle was constantly being childish and mean to poor ol' Harry Reid. Except Harry Reid is not poor! He is rich as shit, as Sharron Angle rightly pointed out, since she is the People's Megalomaniac. Angle also accused Harry of being a girl, and told him to "man up." And how did Harry Reid prove to America that he is a man, and that he enjoys manly activities such as grilling anus burgers and seducing total babes with all his sexy-smelling pheromones? Uh, this is what Harry Reid did: "At one point he provided a somewhat graphic description of a colonoscopy." Good grief. Why is Harry Reid always talking about fisting? [WaPo]
  • Young people asked Barack Obama questions about the economy and gay people being allowed to die in Afghanistan during yesterday's MTV Ideas Forum. [The Hill]

  • The Tea Party will probably win a whole bunch of House and Senate seats in November, and then it will establish its own Teabagger Caucus and then goodbye, America! "You always were a headache and you always were a bore." [NYT]


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