Harry Reid Wins 'First Place' At Hispanic Caucus Awards Ceremony


Yesterday afternoon (at around 4:20 pm -- coincidence or FATE?) Your Wonkette received an email from Liz Glover asking if we wanted to go take photos of important people who were attending the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's 33rd Annual Awards Gala. We said, "Alright, sure," because we wanted to see Harry Reid with his boyfriend and also Michael Bloomberg and "desperate housewives" from teevee talk shop at the horchata bowl.

Here is New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who just could not give less of a shit that there were photographers who wanted to take his picture. It was awesome. All of these squeamish paparazzi people were begging Mike to "turn left, sir!" or "this way sir? And smile!" But did Michael Bloomberg listen or even pretend to care at all? Of course not. He just sprinted down the red carpet, flipping the bird to all the flashing cameras as he went. We deeply respect this man.

Oh look it's Harry Reid, with his Hispanic Rentboy? We simply do not know. But why wasn't Sharron Angle invited? She will remember this affront, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Sharron Angle will remember and she will punish you, when the time is right.

And here comes Eva Longoria, the famous person who plays one of many slutty wives on teevee, or so we are told. The photographers went completely berserk when Eva arrived, throwing their feces at each other as they clawed their way to the velvet rope that separated them from Fame and Fortune. And the Desperate Housewife was just as excited to get her photo taken -- she submitted to every miserable dog command ("Hold it! To the right, please? Yes. Over here, please"). It was an incredible circle jerk. DC is full of sadness.

Look at them go. We would judge them but they need their meal ticket, just like the rest of us do.

We didn't stick around for the actual "ceremony." Instead we went home and thought about the deep stuff.

As always, thank you to Liz Glover!


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