Has-Been Creepazoid 'Joe The Plumber' To Run Unsuccessfully For Congress

Has-Been Creepazoid 'Joe The Plumber' To Run Unsuccessfully For Congress

OH FINALLY:  here is this thing we briefly forgot about but will now post "for comedy" announcing that Samuel "Joe the Grifter Tax-Delinquent Fake Plumber" Wurzelbacher decidedhe is running as a Republican for a seat in the crappier chamber of Congress even though God begged him not to and Joe hates Republicans. Such a promising start! There are probably many other hundreds of delusional Americans out there running for Congress who have a frosty chance in hell of winning, but this particular washed-up Pajamas Media wingnut sleepover party sex columnist is still fun to mock because he is an actual worse fraud than a Nigerian prince scam email plus Santa Claus put together.

Let's see... here is The Hill on why Joe the Plumber will never win anything:

Wurzelbacher's FEC filings indicate he would run as a Republican in Ohio's 9th district, which was heavily rejiggered during a redistricting process in which Ohio lost two House seats due to slow population growth. The Democratic-leaning district runs from Cleveland to Toledo.

Eh, he can probably still get some free anus burgers and book deals out of it. Why not? [The Hill]


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