Hast Thou Fought With Comrades In Gun-Battle With Fair WALNUTS! Before?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/ODwde5I-Ud4&hl=en expand=1]
Let's transcribe an arbitrary 20-or-so seconds from this new WALNUTS! web video, which coincides with day four of his "Service toAmerica" tour: "But their strongest loyalty, the bond that cannot break, is to the cause that is theirs alone: each other. It is through loyalty to comrades-in-arms, that they begin to understand that to love one's country is to love one's countrymen, and to serve the national ideal that commenced their personal transformation. When war is over, they might have the largest, but not exclusive, claim on the success of their nation's cause and seldom share in the blame for its failure. But their claim is shorn of all romance, all nostalgia for the suffering with which is was won. From that crucible..." Jesus Christ, who wrote this, Thomas Jefferson on cough syrup? [YouTube]


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