Hastert's Crazy Fake Preacher Friend Also Apparently Joe Trippi's Buddy

friends forever - WonketteK.A. Paul update:

We didn't source the Houston Press. Normally we're not too careful about that sort of thing, but we did credit the New Republic and that always makes us feel a little queasy. Sorry, guys.

Then, we got a bizarre email from local blogger/gadfly "The Senator", who's met Denny Hastert's newest friend/nutty leper-stealing preacher.

I met KA Paul at the 4 Season's a few weeks ago. I was walking across M Street in Georgetown, ironically with the founder of the Great American Condom Campaign, when we saw him with none other than Joe Trippi !!!

I thought that was weird. There were many "political advisors" and investors in tow. After entering the 4 Seasons to meet some the CPMC guys, KA Paul came right up to me and wanted to talk. Not sure why... but it was very, very odd. He was right in my face and told me at least 5 times about his private jet (a 747), and how he travels around the world with Evander Holyfield. I think he was perturbed that I didn't know who he was.

He wanted to meet with me and the Condom Campaign founder the next morning, with Joe Trippi. I had NO IDEA why he wanted to meet. But, you know, how do you pass up a meeting with this motley crew. So, I went. He didn't show. Nor did Trippi.

Someone explain to us this guy's connections.

Anyway, Justin Rood called Dr Paul today, and the good Doctor claims that not only did he not trick Denny into praying with him, but that he and Denny go way back!

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