Have a Very Foxy Holiday

A Wonkette operative directs us to the official FOX News seasonal greeting card from the FOX PR Department, and, despite the best efforts of Bill O'Reilly, Jesus is nowhere to be found in their holiday depiction. Which is just as well, because the implied message of the card, which features a jolly Santa Claus directing a savage attack of molten starfire death upon NBC, ABC, CNN and CBS, isn't very Christ-like.

Elsewhere in the picture, two of Santa's reindeer have been omitted, probably because the network doesn't cotton to Prancer and O'Reilly is busy tonguing falafel off Vixen's backside. Curiously, and multiculturally, Rudolph is depicted as being the only black member of Santa's team.

Actually, what we find to be deeply weird is that the designer of the card has depicted each reindeer as being less like deer and more like sheep. The fruits of intelligent design? Or does Fox simply know how to cater to its audience?

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