Have Hope, Hungry America: Mitt Romney Will Feed You!

Brother can you spare a cheesecake? - WonketteStarving Iowans are following Mitt Romney around the state because the $300-million man is buying votes the old fashioned way: by feeding the starving citizens. Thanks to this brilliant strategy, Mitt has climbed to the top of the Iowa GOP polls and is expected to handily beat other candidates who cannot afford to feed the masses. Newsweek reports from the food frenzy:

On Wednesday, Romney held one of his "Ask Mitt Anything" town halls at a restaurant outside Iowa City, where prospective Romney supporters were treated to a free buffet. And we're not talking sandwiches or finger food. Think Las Vegas style: shrimp cocktail, platters of steak, pasta salad, mashed potatoes and at least 10 different kinds of dessert, including strawberry cheesecake, brownies and multi-layer chocolate cake.

Who says Jesus never ministered in North America?

President Mitt Romney Would Demolish Al Qaeda Just Like You All Demolished That Delicious Free Strawberry Cheescake [Newsweek]


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