Have You Considered A Career in Law Enforcement?

* Hey guess what all these nutcases think? If you guessed, "the same thing," you'd be correct. [Right Wing News]

* It's not easy to defend Christmas against Jews and Mexicans, but every year a group of heroes steps forward to do just that.[WorldNet Daily]

* Now that you can't use the word "rape" in a Nebraska court, and that in Nebraska, a prostitute can't be raped since what they're selling is sex, well, let's just say Nebraska is safe for the GOP this year. [MoJo]

* Blackwater gets the sack, because apparently "freedom" means there's no room for indiscriminate killing of unarmed women and babies and whatever. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Colbert may be breaking federal election law, but we're not going to act like we care. [Fresh Intelligence]

* Dennis Hastert may be a fat, washed-up old pawn of the power elite who has announced retirement plans, but he's not going to let that force him into retirement. [Political Wire]

* If Arlen Specter has his sites set on a Wonkette internship, he better throw some fucking cuss words into the mix. [Swamp]


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